Hanging out with Robert Pattinson by Kelli
March 26, 2009, 4:04 pm
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Hunk or Skunk?

Hunk or Skunk?

The other day we had a photo shoot here at 40 WiNKS for cool, new magazine Fashion Music Style. Among the bands and musicians being shot was the Hollywood hunk, Robert Pattinson. I got to make “Bobby” a cup of tea and chat with him as the photographer and crew prepared for the shoot.
Yesterday The London Paper printed a story about Pattinson’s hygiene or lack there of stating that the actor was stinking up the set of ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’. This got me thinking, can a hunk still be sexy if he’s a bit smelly? Write me what you think and I will reply with details from my own personal encounter with the nostril offensive culprit in question.
xoxo Kelli

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Listen every1 cn hav that prob his human just lyk u nd me at the end of the day,wudnt u run a sweat afta runng away 4rm grlz nd da razzi,nd i mean every1 works hard thn eventualy u perspire,bt hey if he dnt lyk water dnt judge hm its jst da way he is

Comment by Nomfundo nakin

I Know him as Edward the vampire and since that I love him!!!
bye Kelly, it is Francesca…why I was not there?

have a lovely day

Comment by Francesca

I think he is fantastically talented and looks great in most photos! He is a nice guy and I didnt find him smelly 🙂 But I didnt get tooooo close, so if he wants to come back around I can try and get a better idea… and next time Ill give you a call francesca. xxKelli

Comment by Kelli

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