Marc Rogoff

Quite a few people have been getting in touch asking me who took the fantastic pictures for the 40 WiNKS website… the genius behind the camera is the charming Marc Rogoff. Marc is a hugely talented fashion photographer (he was shooting Kate Moss just the other day, but I think that might all be a bit hush hush, so keep it to yourselves…). He is also passionate about interiors, and I don’t think it will be long before his work is popping up in all the top interior design mags. I am hoping to be doing some more work with Marc very soon (wearing my model hat again!!), so will keep you posted on that. In the meantime, check out his website (… particularly if you are looking for a really great photographer to shoot for you. Marc is the man!!


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I really do love his works…especially the first gallery…everyone please visit it….so cool

Comment by Francesca

Brilliant! I love Marc’s work and he’s not bad to look at himself 😉

Comment by Kelli

KP… You’re such a flirt!!!

Comment by David

Hey I wasn’t flirting, just stating my opinion… that is afterall what this blog is about. 🙂

Comment by Kelli

Who’d have thought a Blog would be a good place to flirt…you might have started something here? Can I reciprocate the compliment – dont want to make David jealous….!

Comment by Marc

ok now i’m blushing… keep going.

Comment by Kelli

….blushing just makes you even more appealing….blue eyes (they are blue are’nt they)…red cheeks….
Trying to think of a name for this….flirting….blogging….I know! “Blirting”….what do you think?

Comment by Marc

Blirting is American for blackberry flirting… but I would guess its better than the connotations that flogging would bring 🙂
(noun)flogging – beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment…

Comment by Kelli

I did think of that but thought it might compromise your impression of me…Blirting is such a delicate thing….

Comment by Marc


Comment by Holly

blirting it is then 🙂 thank you for your input holly… even though I know you’re just trying to get in on some of the action yourself.

Comment by Kelli

Dont worry I am a one girl kind of guy and dont Blirt with other blogging women… offence Holly….but we havent met have we?

Comment by Marc

still blushing……..

Comment by Kelli

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