Zoo Magazine. by Samantha

40 WiNKS

In the 2009 issue of Zoo Magazine, Diane Pernet writes a piece on 40 WiNKS and all its glamour, couture interior designing, and the face behind the world’s smallest boutique Hotel… the intriguing Mr. David Carter!


German Vogue. by Samantha

40 WiNKS 2

In their August 2009 issue, German Vogue has described 40 WiNKS as, ‘ the most beautiful small hotel in the world’ and I concur! Make sure you book your glamorously sexy getaway soon!


From Bulgaria with Love <3 by Kelli


Fresh off the Press! The latest issue of Grazia in Bulgaria is bubbling over David’s wonderful  new boutique hotel, 40WiNKS. Check out the 4 page spread dedicated to 40WiNKS and David Carter Interior Design!  Grazia has written about David before and have always been eager to keep updated with all his fantastic work. If you are in Bulgaria or are traveling there this month, be sure to pick up a copy and have a look for yourself! David is wearing his Bulgarian hat today in celebration and appreciation! Great job David!! xx Kelli

Bedtime Story Nights at 40 WiNKS by Kelli

On a more modest note, David’s new boutique hotel, 40 WiNKS, is also planning to organize its own program of Strange and Wonderful events. David has been talking to Spoken Ink, a new audio book site devoted to short stories ( They are not officially launching until June 09, but David has had his ear pressed to the ground and wants them to put on a series of intimate ‘Bedtime Story Nights’ at 40 WiNKS with tales of Love, Longing and Lust.. Also under discussion is a possible collaboration with the very talented Scottish installation artist, Laura Yuile. David is very keen on the idea of a burlesque inspired shadow puppet show to be performed in the windows of the house, but from what I can gather I am not sure that Laura necessarily shares his enthusiasm. I will keep you posted on all the dates, creative differences and behind-the- scenes gossip, but David is hoping to have the first events up and running in June… so keep logging on to alacarterstyle! Numbers will be strictly limited.

xoxo Kelli