Zoo Magazine. by Samantha

40 WiNKS

In the 2009 issue of Zoo Magazine, Diane Pernet writes a piece on 40 WiNKS and all its glamour, couture interior designing, and the face behind the world’s smallest boutique Hotel… the intriguing Mr. David Carter!


Bedtime Story Nights at 40WiNKS in association with those frightfully nice people at Spokenink by David


“Yes!! Bedtime Story Nights – what a simply splendid idea!!” Carter was experiencing an explosion of emotions he hadn’t felt since that time he got to sit on Matron’s lap during the great measles epidemic back when he was still in his 2nd year at Worstwick Park. Nestling his head against her warm and ample bosom, he had followed the adventures of Tim, Ella and Gertrude and their battles against the evil Minipotions. A cracking yarn which all started when… Sorry, I digress. Bedtime Story Nights are starting at 40 WiNKS, and will no doubt bring back many equally happy memories for you all.

Wednesday 3 June – “Love and Longing”
Wednesday 17 June – “Stories to Make you Dream”
Wednesday 1 July – “Love and Longing”
Wednesday 15 July – “Stories to Make You Dream”

7:00 – 10:00 PM

Drinks and nibbles will be served on arrival and during the interval with the first story starting when the small hand reaches 8.

Dress code:
Strictly pyjamas, nightgowns, dressing gowns and other ‘appropriate’ nightwear. We would also suggest you bring a small cushion and a hanky (in case you are moved to tears). Please feel free to bring hot water bottles, blankets (particularly those with the satin edging along the top) Teddy Bears and anything else that makes you feel warm and safe (not matron or nanny unless you are paying for them too).

£20 per person per night (includes wine and nibbles).

40 WiNKS
109 Mile End Road
London E1
(click on the contact page at for treasure maps and misleading directions)

Email to confirm your booking and arrange payment.

Numbers at all 40 WiNKS events are strictly limited as we want them to feel special and intimate. Please book early to avoid disappointment.