London Fashion Week Pop-Up Showroom. by Samantha

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London Fashion Week will be arriving in no time and a fantastic opportunity has come up for fashion designers. 40 WiNKS the worlds smallest, most beautiful boutique hotel provides a chic, luxurious backdrop for designers to present their collections to buyers and the press. With just five spots available, designers are urged to contact 40 WiNKS to be considered for a spot. For more information please contact 40 WiNKS. I can’t wait to see the new talent!


40 WiNKS by Kelli

As if he isn’t busy enough already, David has just opened ‘40 WiNKS’ – the world’s smallest boutique hotel!! Well, that’s how he’s cheekily describing it…. What it lacks in the staffing and room service departments is more than made up for by its seductive ambiance. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will. In the meantime, check out the blurb….

The fab 40 WiNKS "Green Room"

The fab 40 WiNKS "Green Room"

The blurb:
How would you like to spend the night in one of London’s sexiest and most glamorous houses for less than it costs to stay in a Travelodge?
Affordable style and luxury really have arrived in town in the form of 40 WiNKS, London’s newest, and possibly smallest, boutique hotel.
Launched to coincide with London Fashion Week, 40 WiNKS is the concept of internationally celebrated interior designer, David Carter. His London residence is not only regularly featured in many of the world’s top interiors magazines, but, as one of London’s best-loved location houses, also plays host to a stream of famous actors, models and popstars who come there to be photographed for high-end fashion spreads and major advertising campaigns.
David’s beautifully restored four storey Queen Anne townhouse was built in 1717, and is situated in trendy and vibrant East London – the playground de jour for London’s artistic set. Although boasting just two bijou guest bedrooms, he decided to open 40 WiNKS to provide people in the fashion and creative industries with somewhere fun and different to stay when they are in town for work or pleasure. “East London is where many of the photographers, stylists, models and magazine people I work with want to hang out in the evenings, and there is almost nowhere for them to stop over around here. It just seemed like a natural extension to what I am already doing…” says David. “Many of my best friends work in the industry, so it’s also a great way of meeting new people who like the same sort of things I do.”
With A List visitors, and the likes of Vogue, Tatler and Elle shooting there, 40 WiNKS can certainly claim to be one of London’s most fashion-friendly and glamorous places to stay. “Bold, romantic and fantastical” is how one major American magazine described it. But with the single bedroom at just £65 a night and the double bedroom at £80 a night, David has also pitched his prices to appeal to even the most bargain-conscious fashionista. “It’s not about making loads and loads of money.” says David, who runs his own very successful interior design business, “The house has a special, magical quality to it, and I love having people here. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been running it as a location for such a long time.” He does, however, have ambitious plans for 40 WiNKS, and is already in discussions with a number of high profile brands who are interested in working with him. Over the next two or three years, he would like to open branches in all the world’s major fashion capitals, so New York, Paris and Milan watch out… you may be waking up to a 40 WiNKS very soon!!
– Kelli