April 6, 2009, 5:40 pm
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I just couldn’t resist including a story about Australian lingerie label ‘Cake‘, who produce fantastically sexy underwear for pregnant women… All deliciously naughty in my opinion!! Stockists in the UK include Seraphine in Kensington Church Street.



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that’s a bit disturbing but cute i guess

Comment by Sara

I think it’s a nice idea that pregnant women can still feel sexy and attractive… and have something designed for them to wear that allows them to express that. I do find the second model a bit scary though!!

Comment by David

I dont see what the big diff is between this lingerie and normal??

Comment by layla

Dear Layla… I think you are rather missing the point here. It is obviously a problem for pregnant women to find pants and bras that not only look like the normal sexy stuff, but are also comfortable to wear when you are bursting out all over the place. The Cake people are just trying to help pregnant women feel like normal attractive people. What they have very cleverly done is to design a range that looks just like the normal stuff, but is actually engineered to cope with all the additional weight and stresses that carrying a baby round for nine months brings with it. I think they should be applauded for that.
If anyone reading this can supply any pictures of the usual type of maternity undergarments that pregnant women are forced to wear, I will be very happy to publish them so we can all vote on which we think looks better…

Comment by David

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