Sexy style beyond your wardrobe by Kelli

You know what it’s like to put on a new stylish outfit and get all gussied up for a night on the town. Something about being all put together causes our confidence to rise and maybe, if I dare say, feel a bit sexy. Well, as an interior designer, my goal is provoke similar emotions through the spaces I design. For example, designing a bedroom or bathroom that makes you want to undress, turn down the lights and bask in the ambiance, where the colors, lighting and textures scream luxury, style and sex appeal. If you’re looking to add some new appeal to your pad, consider adding some luscious fabrics as window treatments, upholstery, and bedding. For example, check out the fabrics from the “Grandezza collection” (pictured below) by fabric designer Jab Anstoetz. I am not a fan of ALL of his work but I do find this collection sexy, full of texture and color. gradezza

Another way to give a bedroom or bathroom more drama and appeal is by adding one of my favorite design elements: the vintage chandelier. As some of you might already know, I have designed a few lamps myself but I still love the simple elegance an antique chandelier can bring to any space. I plan to put together a post soon all about my favorite lighting so stay tuned!

xx Kelli

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I wish my bed room looked like that! any more tips?

Comment by Cat

Does anyone else find this sexy??
I think it all looks a bit Barbie…

Comment by David

I think its fab! What’s barbie about it?

Comment by CRI

It’s definitely ‘Dynasty’ Barbie… check out that dress!! Very Joan Collins.

Comment by David


Comment by Anna

barbie is SEXY and a beauty icon…cant go too wrong with that!

Comment by des9

That is NOT Barbie. More like modern-day Marie Antoinette! The attention that woman and her dress command…magnifique! Sumptuous fabrics, Kel – spot on!

Comment by Lisa

Lisa… I really think you need to get out a bit more!!! Can I possibly suggest that you take out a subscription to a magazine like Vogue or Tatler… if this really is your idea of a modern day Marie Antoinette, I’m afraid I will have to arrange a visit for the two of you to Madame Guillotine..

Comment by David

Excuse-moi, but to the left I see a mélange of creativity and restriction, whimsicality and intensity – qualities that are unarguably MA (see the work of Joan DeJean and Catherine Weber). But perhaps you see other qualities entirely that merit a different reading. Admitedly, my shelves are filled more with books on 18th c fashion than with Vogue – and I should remedy that!

En tout cas, not very nice to threaten the guillotine to someone who daily traverses Place de la Concorde, where our pauvre MA lost her head! I would much prefer you arrange a visit to fashion week to enhance my modern fashion education.

Comment by Lisa

Dear Lisa,
It would be a delight to have you over here for London Fashion Week, so this September do please prise yourself away from your extensive library of books on restrictive 18th century fashion and venture out in to the world of contemporary couture. I will do my very best to further your education.

Comment by David

Incroyable! Fantastique! Let the training begin – Vogue has been bought, and croissants cut out!

Comment by Lisa

Dear Lisa,
The Committee feels that it would only be fair to our many readers that we publish a photograph of you as you are now (pre Carter), and then one of you after the process of transformation has been completed later this year (post Carter)… given the Herculean task awaiting me, I am inclined to agree with them. Will you please arrange the submission of a recent snap, so we may approach this challenge with all the scientific rigour it deserves. Thank you.

Comment by david carter

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